We're open! New Products!

Well, we're finally done with craft shows for the year! Renegade Chicago was a total bust because it happened the weekend that Chicago got record rainfall. We sat through it the first day, but couldn't take it the second day, so if anyone missed out on seeing us, we're sorry. Crafty Bastards went much better. I really like how the organizers of Crafty Bastards are on the ball. There were people to help unload your car, free breakfast, volunteers that came around through the day to bring us water/give breaks, and whole foods provided free (and yummy!) box lunches. It was a great experience and we got to eat the most amazing pot roast at Firefly Bistro. Seriously, if you are in DC near Dupont Circle, go to Firefly (located adjacent to Hotel Madera) and order the pot roast because it will blow your mind! We made it back to Illinois on Tuesday and last night we had a photo shoot and added new products to the site before we re-opened. Here are the changes:

-All non-monster laptop sleeves are now made of vinyl. The canvas was taking a lot of time because I had to iron it each time I worked with it. We've also added 2 new sleeves:
Cupcake: http://barrysfarm.net/product/cupcake-laptop-sleeve
Ice Cream Cone: http://barrysfarm.net/product/ice-cream-laptop-sleeve

-Monster laptop sleeve colors have been updated. The manufacturer of the fur we use has discontinued it so we are using the colors that we have been able to find. Sorry, all you green lovers, but green will not be available for the time being. We are looking into some new furs and hopefully we'll be able to get a rainbow of colors back on the site in the near future. http://barrysfarm.net/product/monster-laptop-sleeve

-Mini Pouches now have a detachable snap hook so you can clip them to your jeans, purse, or segway...

-New Monster button packs have been made! We have added 2 new sets, as well as the option to get all 3 sets at a discount price.
Go here for 5-packs: http://barrysfarm.net/product/monster-buttons
Go here for 15-packs: http://barrysfarm.net/product/monster-button-15-pack

We hope you like the new products! Keep an eye out for new products in the coming months!

xoxo B&K

Break from new orders

The store will be closing down from tomorrow, 9/8, until Tuesday, 9/30. This is to accommodate for the 2 craft fairs that we will be participating in in September. However, all orders placed up til we close down will still be processed according to the time frame listed. And, of course, we will still be available by email to deal with any issues/problems that may arise. We will also leave the website up for viewing, but any buttons to place an order will be removed. We'll be back and raring to go at the end of September! Come see us in Chicago or DC!

Upcoming Craft Fairs!!

We have 2 craft shows coming up in September. The first is the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago, September 13-14 from noon-10 pm each day. Lots of vendors, music and good times. Check out more info at renegadecraft.com/chicago

2 weeks after Renegade, we will be headed back to DC for Crafty Bastards, which will be Sunday, September 28th from 10 am-5 pm at the Marie Reed Learning Center. We had a great time there last year and are looking forward to it this year.

Lastly, I just wanted to mention that we will, more than likely, be shutting the store down for a couple of weeks in between shows. There's so much work that goes into preparing for craft fairs that I need to take a little break from orders to ensure that I will have plenty of product to show at the fairs. I'm cooking up some new products to show and if they do well, then they will be added to the site when we return!

Maker Faire & Bazaar Bizarre

We had a great time at the Maker Faire in San Mateo this past weekend! We met some really awesome people and saw some of the coolest contraptions I've ever seen. Here's some pictures:

Our set-up at the Bazaar Bizarre:

A new display for the card wallets:

Some cool stuff from the Maker Faire:

Giant cupcake & muffin cars!:

EepyBird.com Mentos & Diet Coke display:

An amazing Steampunk Bike:

The Neverwas Haul (a driveable Victorian house):

There were so many amazing things and we only got to see about half of them since we had to man our booth most of the show. Hopefully, we'll go to the Maker Faire again in the future and have more time to check out all of the cool stuff we missed this time around. We probably won't hit any craft shows until September, but I'll try and keep this updated through the summer to let you know whats new!


First, an apology. We went out of town last monday and discovered our website went down tuesday morning right before our flight out of the country! We didnt have access to the internet, so we couldn't fix it or respond to any emails, so I want to apologize for that. Hopefully it didn't inconvenience anyone, and it's back up now, so order away!

Second, I wanted to announce our first craft show of the year! We will be at the Bazaar Bizarre, which is part of the Maker Faire, in San Mateo, CA the first weekend in May. The show runs both Saturday, May 3rd, and Sunday May 4th and I will post more details on it before we go! We're pretty excited to make our debut on the west coast craft show circuit!

New Laptop Sleeves!

We have some new laptop sleeves up on the site! There are 3 new styles, made out of durable canvas and lined with flannel and foam. They can be found here:
Owlie: http://www.barrysfarm.net/store/single_view/46

Unicorn: http://www.barrysfarm.net/store/single_view/47

Rockin' Keytar: http://www.barrysfarm.net/store/single_view/45

Hopefully, we'll get a chance to get some new stuff up in the shop soon. We're battling colds from hell right now so our motivation is definitely lacking! Thanks for checking us out!

New Fabrics!

I finally got all the new fabrics up on the site last night! I realized I have like a bazillion (yes, thats a technical term) fabrics and I finally got them all organized last night. Here's a pic of them all neatly put away:

And here's a sampling of the new fabrics:

Check them out!!

Upcoming Show!

We'll be at Handmade Arcade in Pittsburgh November 10-11! Saturday, November 10th 11-7 and Sunday, November 11th 11-5 at Construction Junction, 214 N. Lexington Street. Come check it out and stop by to say 'hi'!

More details at: www.handmadearcade.com

Renegade recap

So, we're back from Chicago! We had a great time at the Renegade Craft Fair this past weekend. It was Saturday and Sunday from noon-10 pm each day and despite the very chilly weather on Saturday, it was quite pleasant. Here are some pics from the weekend:
Here is Barry setting up:

We just got new banners printed and they turned out really awesome! Take a closer peek!:

Here is a shot of the booth all set up:

The fair seemed to go on forever:

And at the end of the fair (severely depleted stock!):

We stayed in Oakbrook, which is about 15 miles away from where the fair was held. The hotel was the Hyatt Lodge, which is on McDonald's corporate campus! It was a really nice place but you could definitely tell there was a McDonald's presence because there were weird pictures on the walls, like this one:

Our hotel was nice and modern:

and it had a bridge that connected it to:

Overall a pretty cool experience. Now only a week and a half til we leave for DC for Crafty Bastards! Yikes!